Listen and Draw

The purpose of the activity is to have each individual student demonstrate understanding while interpreting words or sentences presented as they listen to an authentic song, short story, description, advertisement, or other text.


  1. The teacher plays the authentic resource once, instructing students to just listen but not write or draw anything.

  2. Once the audio ends, students draw anything they can remember from the first listen.

  3. The teacher plays the audio again, allowing students to listen and then draw what they understand.

  4. The teacher plays the audio a third time, this time breaking it up into short chunks to allow students time to focus on specific parts and add details to their drawings.

Helpful Tips

  1. It is recommended that the teacher play the audio multiple times.

  2. Drawings should be kept very simple. The purpose of the drawings is to allow students to demonstrate comprehension, not to spend excess time focusing on producing artwork.


  1. This activity could be modified to include a language production requirement by asking students to label or transcribe chunks of the input on their drawings;

  2. This activity could also be done as an interpretive reading assignment instead of interpretive listening, depending on the age and proficiency level of the students. The teacher may want to consider providing a transcription of the text after students have listened and completed their drawings to give them the chance to find additional information in the written text to add to their drawings.

  3. Drawings created during this activity could be used in a gallery walk assignment later.


  1. Audio file to listen to

  2. Blank paper and at least one drawing utensil