Self-Introduction Comics

The purpose of this activity is for students to create a comic to introduce themselves to their classmates and/or members of the target language culture. Comics are ideal because they include both visuals and text, facilitating comprehension of language and allowing the teacher to identify any gaps in student learning related to target structures and vocabulary.


  1. Teacher shows a sample final product, using previously used images selected as a personal introduction to the class.

  2. Teacher models and explains how to use the specific digital comic tool to select images and input text, identifying the key target language sentence frames and vocabulary students will use.

  3. After checking that students understand and can use procedures and guidelines, students work individually to create personal comics using target sentence frames with images and text.

  4. Students share finished products in pairs, small groups.

Helpful Tips

  1. Whenever possible, teachers should use a digital tool to complete this activity, avoiding students spending excessive amounts of time drawing images.

  2. If desired, the teacher could ask students to record their sentences instead of or in addition to typing them.

  3. Wherever possible, provide authentic images for the students to use instead of generic clip-art or stock photos.

  4. As a follow-up activity, have students present their comics to the class or peers (possibly in a Gallery Walk activity) or record their introductions individually and save them for re-use in a later activity.


  1. Provide target sentence frames for Novice

  2. Require peer editing with specific items to review

  3. Require Intermediate students to write comic from the 3rd person and involve more than one character


  1. Tablet, laptop or cell phone

  2. Digital comic tool (ex. Comic Life [app])