Whip Around

Whip Around is a closure activity that takes no preparation, but gives teachers information on the depth and quality of student learning at the end of a lesson.

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  1. The teacher poses an open-ended question to the class that is based on the objective of the lesson.

  2. Students are instructed to write down their thoughts on a piece of paper. 

  3. After students have written their answers, they pair up to share with a partner. 

  4. After a couple minutes, the teacher 'whips' (or walks) around the classroom calling on students to share their thoughts. Students should not give the same response as another classmate. Students can "pass" on responding or state that they agree with a classmate, if necessary.

  5. Once the answers are shared and the whip around concludes, the teacher either clears up misunderstandings or makes plans to address misunderstanding in a subsequent lesson.